The Hague Beach Marathon

“Been there, sang the song, got the T-shirt”

The coast continues to attract. The sea, the waves in the surf, feeling the wind on your face, sun, snow, rain, the smell of the salt water, the sight of the beach, dunes, seagulls, the sound of water and wind, timeless.

Marathons are more restricted to spring and autumn, not winter and summer. Who now would not like a marathon run along the coast in the off-season when there is not much on the program? The quiet months are January and July, just the reason to run from the clubhouse of The Hague Road Runners (HRR) in The Hague, on the beach via Scheveningen, Katwijk and Wassenaar to Noordwijk, and then turn back:


f.k.a. Black Marathon

Forth Edition

July 8, 2012 - 2nd Sunday, July 2012


Start at 16.30 AM, from the HRR at Groenendaal 11, Wassenaar. Also relay by teams of runners.

We run for charity: the proceeds of the marathon are in particular  for the benefit of the house De Schakel at Loosduinen, The Hague (part of the Foundation Steinmetz The Compaan). Lions and De Schakel go back more than 30 years. De Schakel is a house \ center, where children with physical and multiple disabilities in the age of 6 to 20 years old are living in an environment of  maximum domesticity without prejudice to the medical care that these children desperately need to have. De Schakel is one of such houses of Steinmetz. The proceeds will go especially to organize trips and other extra leisure activities so that these children's lives are and will be more enjoyable.

Life is not only what is necessary, it may also be joyful.

Afterwards, the opportunity to shower on the HRR and the bar will open shortly thereafter. Refreshments for the runners  in Scheveningen, Wassenaar, Katwijk and Noordwijk, on the beach. In every beach town this is done by a local establishment: in Scheveningen beach pavilion Culpepper (Hein and Annejet Philipse),  In Wassenaar beach pavilion de Golfslag (Harold Tjepkema), in Katwijk Hotel Savoy (Martin Kornet) and in Noordwijk Alexander Beach and Alexander Hotel (both of Alexander Balk). The Hardloopwinkel in the Schoolstraat in The Hague (Rob Koster) is supplying the shirts.

The marathon route is measured by the competition officials of the HRR. Due to restrictions in the permits issued by the authorities there is a limit to the number of participating runners.

There is time registration for the marathon.

Dick van Es, member of HRR and of the Dutch 100 Marathon Club, finisher at 181 marathons and ultra races, will fire off the starting pistol.

Rob Epskamp, ​​former director of de Schakel, will hand over the prize to the winner.

Best Photo Contest Send your photos of The Hague Beach Marathon. An independent jury  will nominate the winner for  the Best Picture within one month after the marathon. The person who sent in the Best Picture wins a prize.

Photographers wanted The organization seeks to every edition of The Hague Beach Marathon 2 volunteers, including at least one runner, with a camera of the organization to take pictures of their experiences and impressions during the course (copyright by organization). These photos also participate in the Best Picture Contest. 
Volunteers needed The organization seeks volunteers to help this fundraising effort for everyone a to have an active and pleasurable day.